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Worship Ministry

Our worship services are laid-back but reverent, with a music style that is blended with traditional roots. We sing hymns with melodies written hundreds of years ago, and we sing modern worship songs. We also seek to incorporate aspects of traditional church liturgy including prayers, creeds, and confessions of faith within our services. 

Philosophy of Worship (Excerpt)

...Worship at TCPC is intentionally liturgical, God-centered and structured around a rehearsal of the gospel. The music works with the other elements of our service to teach the worshipers and to lead them in their response. The music is not meant to manipulate the emotions but to instead provide a context for expressing the emotions the worshiper brings into the service and to teach our affections how to respond to God and His Word...

Opportunities to Serve

Worship Team

Sunday worship services are lead by a community of musicians and vocalists who serve on a rotating schedule. If you are interested in serving on the Worship Team, please email info@treasurecoastpca.org for more information

Technical Arts

Our services come together with the help of our Technical Arts team: a group of volunteers who help with sound and visual media in the service. If you would like more information, feel free to email info@treasurecoastpca.org for more information